Thursday, August 4, 2016

MySql PHP UTF8 Problem - CakePHP

If you are having a problem using Special Characters i.e. German Umlauts ö, ä, ü, ß etc in MySql Databases and accessing them in PHP Web Application, make sure you have don the following steps.

1. Choose utf8 as defaul Collation while CREATING DATABASE
2. Choose utf8 as defaul Colaltion / Characterset while CREATING TABLES
3. If you are importing data into your tables from some files, make sure they are saved in UTF8 format.

On you Web Application Side.
1. Make sure you have <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"> in your head section of your page where you want to display these SPECIAL CHARACTERS.
2.  use SET NAMES utf8 in your MySql Connection String

Note. in Cake PHP Config -> database.php you should add 'encoding' => 'utf8'.

Now check the Result if your problem is not solved please comment and share your problem. Thanks for visiting.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

grunt is not recognized as an internal or external comman.

I was recently trying to install "grunt" the javascript task runner. I followed all the instructions given by the official website. but when I ran >grunt form my elevated command prompt it did not recognize it.

grunt.cmd file was missing in the  C:\Users\[myUserName]\AppData\Roaming\npm directory.


I changed my directory to C:\Users\[myUserName]\AppData\Roaming\npm and then again ran this command >npm install -g grunt-cli and then it created a file named grunt.cmd in my npm directory. Then I was able to use >grunt command from my command line.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Windows 8.1 Apps Wont Open after Corel Draw X14, Corel Draw X13 installation

All windows Apps stopped working. When I try to open any windows 8.1 App it will open, show up start App Screen and then close. I was able to see the app on my "Taskbar". I tried all the solutions given on different forums. i.e ran system file checker, tried system app troubleshooter. nothing worked for me.
I found that it happened after I installed Corel Draw X4. The Corel Draw x4 installation changed some permissions to the App store and apps.
  1. Open Registry Editor regedit.exe
  2. Right Click on HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT
  3. Click on "Permissions"
  4. You must have a "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES" in "Group or User Names". If not present then it is the ROOT OF PROBLEM
  5. Click on "Add".
  6. Click on "Advanced".
  7. Click on "Find Now".
  8. You will see in the "Search Results" -> "ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES".
  9. Double click on it and in "Select Users or Groups" You will see it in "Enter the Object name to select".
  10. Click "Ok".
  11. Now you will see "ALL APPLICATION PAcKAGES" in "Group or User Names:" list. Click on it.
  12. click on "Allow" -> "Read". and Click Ok
  13. Close Registry Editor. No need to restart.
  14. Click on your apps All of them should be working.
Thanks and Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014 ftp filezilla Critical error: Could not connect to server


I had recently a problem that I could not connect to my website ftp using filezilla. It was giving error "Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server".


Problem: My password was same for website admin and ftp
Solution: I changed my ftp password and it WORKED.